Hinda Hoffman

"Great singer, no gimmicks" - Frank D'Rone

Winter Jazzs 465 McClurg Court

"You're my connection to the earth. I like the way you sing."

"Very warm and expressive."

an exceptional voice with soul and depth


an album that embraces  American traditions with an edge

People, the tune that started it all

Hinda Hoffman and the Soul Message band

People, the reviews are in...

"Vocalist Hoffman and The Soul Message Band unleash the joyous power of the jazz organ combo, straddling tradition and the contemporary with Carroll’s brilliant arrangements.

Producer Dennis Carroll penned the arrangements for these most familiar and some not so familiar songs of the Great American Songbook, giving them the classic soul-jazz feel, beginning with Cole Porter’s “All of You.” The unit bursts out swinging, clearly led instrumentally by Foreman’s B3 with Ward and Rothenberg providing some enticing lines in their solos as well. The tempo shifts to a slow simmer in Carroll’s sensitive arrangement of “Don’t Worry “Bout Me” and then embraces driving ‘70s era funk and swing in “How Insensitive.” The expansive standout track, Percy Mayfield’s “Please Send Me Someone to Love,” a tour de force for Hoffman soaring over Foreman’s church-like organ delivery, the band bringing the tune to a glorious climax." Glide Magazine

This is an American story about American musicians overcoming all sorts of adversity to play music. Top players who could not get on a stage or even plan when they could play for an audience.
Real people, professionals who have traveled the world playing to crowds and on top of the music world. Now they put together this project,  had been rejected by their label and refused to quit. See and hear and get to know People, and the iconic musicians that created this special music.

"Her "People" is laidback and confident, not owing much to its wistful theatre ballad origins. Joined by the steamy, bluesy, organ-led quartet called the Soul Message Band, the pleasing "People" and the other eight long-in-length selections are well served. Treatments are largely inventive, with symbiotic soaring and sizzle, as they settle into some commandingly cozy grooves, including another Broadway classic, Finian's Rainbow's "Old Devil Moon."
Here and there on rich, resonant low notes, Miss Hoffman suggests a hint of Sarah Vaughan. And you can feel the appreciation and influence of the lineage of blues singers of yore in the wailing, gutsier and grousing moments. It's all to the good. She never gets gratingly over-the-top to be wailing or weepy: classy adherence to musical values wins the day.
The instrumentalists dig into the music, giving themselves, the singer, and the songs lots of breathing room to deliver surprise. "Don't Worry 'Bout Me" is afforded the most strikingly original fashion re-fit, as notes in the melody bend to artistic license that gives the emphasis to words that didn't get accented in the original blueprint." Talkin' Broadway Sound Advice

What people are saying...

""One of the best singers in the business. She's the real thing, a singer with not only a fine voice, but an authentic feel for jazz. You can understand her every word, and her simple sound is just lovely."

Steve Allen, Jazz composer, musician, & author

Title H6

Live music makes events and experiences unforgettable

"A unique vocal talent... understands the lyrics from the perspective of a seasoned traveler."
Dennis Polkow, Chicago Tribune

"What a voice... a rich ruby instrument, dark and full at times gleaming; like Dexter Gordon's tenor or Jim Hall's guitar, it would attract attention even if she had no idea what to do with it."
Neil Tesser, Chicago Reader Critic's Choice

 Hinda has a feel for a room

Exceptional performers have a way to feel out the room. Hinda is that vocalist, and she creates and shares the moments with all in the room.

 She is a walking songbook

With all of the songs out there, Hinda wont say she knows them all. But you might be surprised how many tunes she can bring to the moment.

 Your audience are her guests

As a singer, Hinda knows how to take a room and make it work. That skill, coupled with her  voice creates the event.

"She has a voice that is smooth and silky.....Backed by a kick-ass quartet Driftin' at the Lake is an album of melodic jazz that is easy on the ears, but serious in content."

Hans Werksmen, Netherlands Music Blogger @ Here Comes the Flood

Hinda talks about her start in singing jazz in her 40's in the Green Mill interviews

Hinda is..

A voice of many experiences

Hinda is a gifted singer. But that is just a part of what creates her sound and voice. Despite having this extraordinary vocal gift, Hinda had and did face her demons on her life journey. All of this is part of what makes her and her sound special. unique.
When you talk to Hinda, she talks like she sings and lets it all hangout when she decides.

 Hinda was a court reporter by day when she decided to start singing, her passion. Starting later in life, Hinda worked her way into many relationships with her talent, charm and perserverance.
If you have an instrument like Hinda's, then live jazz is the only way to play.

From a duo to an orchestra, the vibe

Hinda can create the music you need based on your budget and needs. From a duo to an orchestra, Hinda knows the best talent to put together for your event.

Hinda Hoffman

Private Parties



Venues and clubs

MC and band leader

Moon and Sand

Dennis Luxion: Piano
Ron Perrillo: Piano
Dennis Carroll: Bass
George Fludas: Drums
1. Wonder Why 2:47
2. Deep Purple 6:01
3. Whisper Not 4:03
4. The Lamp is Low 3.03
5. Flower Medley 7:04
6. Our Day Will Come 4:05
7. Day Dream 6:22
8. Comes Love 4:59
9. Dreamr 4:37
10. Day by Day 3:56
11. I Got It Bad 6:09
12. Peel Me a Grape 4:49
13. Moon and Sand 6:32
14. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You 2:25

Peel Me A Grape

Dennis Luxion: Piano
Dan DeLorenzo: Bass
Jeff Hill: Bass
Ernie Denov: Guitar
Paul Vornhagen: Saxophones and Flute
Joe Grass: Drums
1. I Just Found Out About Love 3:12
2. Willow Weep For Me 4:38
3. 'Round Midnight 4:21
4. I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues 4:05
5. So Many Stars 5:00
6. I Could Write A Book 3:19
7. Give Me The Simple Life 3:49
8. Two For The Road 4:33
9. Waltz For Debby 3:15
10. May I Come In 6:08
11. No Moon At All 3:26
12. Inside A Silent Tear 3:57
13 You Are There 4:11

You Are There

I Just Found Out About Love